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The House You Live In: Navigating Your Mental, Emotional and Physical Management Strategy.

Think of your life and system like a house you inhabit day in and day out—your mental, emotional, and physical well-being are the rooms within. It’s where thoughts wander,

emotions ebb and flow, and physical sensations resonate. Over time, this house has evolved, shaped by experiences and choices. Some areas may be thriving, while others may need attention.

Here are some ways that coaching can explore this intriguing journey with insightful questions to deepen self-awareness:

1. Foundation Insights: Reflecting on your early years, what foundational beliefs or habits were established that still influence you today?

2. Room Renovation: Which aspects of your emotional landscape have evolved positively, and which ones might benefit from renovation?

3. Mindful Maintenance: How do you currently maintain mental clarity and focus amidst daily challenges?

4. Emotional Feng Shui: What emotions tend to dominate your inner space, and how do they impact your overall well-being?

5. Physical Blueprint: In what ways do you honor your body’s needs for rest, nutrition, and movement?

6. Integration Check: How aligned are your thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations with your goals and values?

7. Resident Needs: What aspects of your current lifestyle or habits are no longer serving your growth and well-being?

8. Future Blueprints: How can you redesign your daily routines or mindset to better support your overall happiness and fulfilment?

A coach can join you on this explorative journey to nurture a home within yourself where balance, harmony, and self-awareness thrive so that it becomes a place you thrive living in every single day.

Kristina Kennedy


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