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Denial - Unveiling Why We All Do It?

Understanding Denial: Confronting What We Avoid.

Denial is a psychological defense mechanism that shields us from truths we find uncomfortable or threatening. It allows us to avoid confronting difficult emotions, situations, or behaviors, temporarily protecting our psyche. However, beneath this protective layer lies the awareness that these issues persist, waiting for acknowledgment.

As a coach, guiding clients through denial involves navigating this delicate balance of awareness and avoidance. It's about helping them recognise what they already know but may not be addressing consciously. Here are some effective open questions to facilitate this process:

1. Exploring Awareness: What are you aware of in your life right now that you find challenging to confront?

2. Understanding Resistance: What do you think might be holding you back from addressing this issue?

3. Identifying Impact: How does avoiding this issue affect your daily life and goals?

4. Encouraging Accountability: What steps can you take to begin addressing this challenge?

5. Reflecting on Future Growth: Imagine a year from now: How would facing this issue positively impact your life?

By curiously investigating these questions, clients can dig deeper into their self-awareness and motivations. It's about empowering them to acknowledge and ultimately face their truths, creating personal growth and transformation.

Written by Kristina Kennedy, dedicated to helping clients navigate denial and achieve meaningful change through compassionate coaching.



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