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Kristina Kennedy Coaching

I coach mainly entrepreneurs, influencers and performing artists but also private clients looking to shift and transform blocks and negative mindsets that are holding them back from their full potential. My feedback is that I motivate, awaken and strengthen my clients beliefs about themselves and their innate talents and challenge them to think curiously, become more aware, gain clarity and action future desires and goals.

My focus lies in creating and maintaining long-term confidence and overcoming doubts and insecurities such as Imposter Syndrome which is common amongst high achievers who suffer with feelings of inadequacy despite their soaring success.

My main coaching areas are:

confidence building, life-reflection, performance anxiety, low self-esteem, goal setting (procrastination, motivation and accountability), relationships and communication.

With a unique ability to connect with a wide spectrum of leaders I’ve contributed to success stories of individuals, public figures, performing artists and entrepreneurs. I’m an experienced ICF PCC Transformational Coach with the tools and skill-sets from both Gold Standard CMA and the world renowned International Coaching Federation. I’m also a UKCP MBACP Integrative psychotherapist and an EMDR therapist where clients with previous traumas can re-process and release stuck memories and no longer hold onto negative beliefs and traumas from the past.

Individual coaching sessions start at £250 per session.

Full transformation packages start at £2000+ per month. Please contact us for more information.

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All About Kristina Kennedy Coaching

Kristina is born in Sweden and raised internationally in England and Spain.

Passionate about the psychology behind confidence, self worth and internal belief systems, Kristina inspires, motivates and transforms high performers, entrepreneurs and public figures into stronger, more confident and successful individuals. 

Kristina holds degrees and qualifications in communications, coaching, psychotherapy, executive function skills, somatic healing and early years pedagogy. She also founded and ran her own successful business for 13 years.

Today Kristina is an experienced and well known ICF PCC Transformative Coach and a renowned UKCP MBACP Integrative Psychotherapist as well as an Executive Functions Coach.

Kristina’s bespoke transformative coaching offers clients guidance, awareness, clarity and willpower to get to where they want to be and to reach goals with long term sustainable confidence. Her coaching draws on a combination of proven techniques and theories which bring the coaching conversations alive making the process exciting, motivational and inspiring.

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What People Are Saying

Kristina has this incredible intuition and energy that makes me think she has some secret tool that gets me to the root of what needs to shift in order for clarity to arise. Through skillful questioning,  magical presence and deep listening she always manages to break down my feelings of "impostor syndrome" by transforming my mindset to feeling like I can do anything which helps me action my goals one by one.


There are many coaches out there but in my experience there are few that are able to combine the depth of presence and authenticity with the high level of clear language and powerful questioning. Somehow Kristina moves me from negative beliefs and fear to optimism and excitement and a feeling of "I can definitely do this". 


Kristina's style of coaching is enlightening, inspiring and reflective. Her guidance towards insight, focus and actioning got me to where I wanted to be which I had not managed without her soft yet challenging approach. She is a master of metaphors which enables me to see and feel what I need to do differently and her great sense of humour makes it so much easier to be open and accepting of the challenges I face in knowing I am always the captain of my own ship and I can sail it where I like. 


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