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Kristina Kennedy Coaching

Kristina Kennedy, an International Coaching Federation PCC level coach, holds a track record of successful work with numerous entrepreneurs and C-suite leaders. Alongside her coaching expertise, Kristina contributes to organisational compassionate team leadership and conflict resolution sessions within teams. What sets Kristina apart is her diverse skill set, combining her roles as a UKCP psychotherapist, entrepreneur, and advocate of consciousness  and compassionate coaching and leadership. Despite her gentle approach and profound intuition, Kristina uses a direct and clear approach guiding clients through unlearning of old patterns and habits, to relearning how to overcome blocks and barriers. With an international background, she brings a profound understanding of cultural intricacies and effective cross-cultural communication. Known for her sense of humour, Kristina skillfully helps individuals unearth limiting beliefs, enabling them to move forward with their goals from a deeper level of self-awareness. Kristina Kennedy’s individual coaching sessions start at £500 per session, in-person, face-to-face, or through online platforms. For on-site and in-house team sessions, pricing is determined by bespoke packages or a day rate, available upon request (POA). +44(0)7876564616 

Contact: +44(0)7876564616​

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